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What to expect at your hearing test

Posted Wednesday 30 August

The first step of a hearing test is to find out more about you.  So we’ll ask you a few questions about 1 Your Lifestyle and 2 The medical side of your hearing.

Then we’ll have a look inside your ears which we Otoscopy – to observe anything that’s potentially in the ears that could affect the test or be of a concern for us.

Then we go on to what we call a Pure-Tone Audiometry Test where we play you a series of beeps and we want you indicate when you’ve heard the beeps…and that tells us the softest levels of sound that you can hear.

Following that we do a Speech Test.  The Speech Test, the idea is to figure out how well your brain is able to decipher those sounds and piece together individual words.

Then we look at the structures of your ears.  We want to observe the different features of your ears and see how they are moving.  To do that we do a test that we call Tympanometry which is a process of applying a bit of pressure using a machine, to measure how well your ear drums are moving.

And those results in total will give us a good picture of your hearing and allow us to make decisions as to where we are from there.



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