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A little insight on glasses!

Posted Wednesday 14 December

Do you wear glasses?

Most people have a pair of glasses! Sometimes it’s hard to understand what really goes into the bits of plastic that you wear in front of your eyes.


Renata Watene, Director and Optometrist at Occhiali says –

“Understanding and demystifying everyone’s individual needs is really important. So we have a wide range of glasses. Some are used just for reading and some are used for far away.

And some are what we call multi-focal lenses, which means they have different distances within those spectacle lenses. So you can see and do everything, without having to swap between all those different types of lenses.”

The team at Occhiali believe that understanding the different components of your lenses is really important so that you know you’re getting good quality for the money you’re spending on your product.

They explain that glasses can be really expensive, but as long as you understand what’s going into them and the different things you’re getting in your different product, then they wind up being really good value for money!

Occhiali’s Assistant Manager Kristoff, is an expert in all the lenses they have available, so if you have any questions do come in and see the team at Stoneridge on Lunn.

“We’d be happy to help!”

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