GoodFor just got more affordable!

Introducing the Everyday Essentials Range

Posted Wednesday 10 March

This week, GoodFor launched their Everyday Essentials range that now allows you to purchase GoodFor quality products at supermarket prices. For them, it’s not just about providing plastic-free food, it’s about providing the best quality food available plastic-free.

GoodFor says, “We know if we want to create real change, we need to allow more people to purchase GoodFor quality products at an affordable price. Our everyday essentials range is the first step in encouraging more people to purchase package-free, high quality and organic products at an affordable price.”

The simple act of refilling our pantries wipes out 50% of our plastic consumption just like that. Each bag of rice, pasta, grains, nuts, spices, baking ingredients, the list goes on – these can all be refilled over and over again. The GoodFor store at Stoneridge on Lunn has a great range of sustainable, plastic-free groceries that allows you to fill your pantry with quality foods!

GoodFor is open 7 days, weekdays 10am – 7pm and weekends 10am – 6pm.




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