Caleb Heke – Lifting spirits

Meet the Auckland barber giving free haircuts to the homeless

Posted Friday 09 September

“A haircut or even just a smile, can totally lift a person’s spirit.”

These are the words of Caleb Heke who manages Kirkwoods Barbers in Mt Wellington.

Have you heard about Caleb’s story? It’s one of kindness and generosity!

He recently posted a video on social media documenting his journey offering free haircuts to the homeless in downtown Auckland.

As a way of giving back to the community, Caleb offers a free haircut to the homeless and chats to them about their lives at the same time. How special is that?

“I sat down with my mentor and discussed how I could impact the community more. He’s taught me to be big on giving in abundance and using the skills I have to impact communities” says Caleb.

The team at Kirkwoods Barbers have actually been offering free haircuts to the homeless for over two years, but hadn’t recorded their stories.

Chatting with your barber can be such a relaxing and comforting experience. A place where you can open up and share stories.

However, that kind of warming experience is seldom felt by those people who live on the streets. Caleb and his videographer (Jarrod Bown) sought to uplift the homeless people in downtown Auckland through easy conversation and a new do!

“I heard the most amazing stories from the less fortunate, from being in wars, ex professional actors, dancers, all sorts of amazing stories” says Caleb.

“I wanted to show that these people also have a story and highlight that although they’re at a low point of their life, a haircut or even just a smile, can totally lift a person’s spirit.”

Caleb will continue to document and share the stories of all the amazing people he meets.

Check out Caleb’s journey on his instagram and also the work of his talented videographer Jarrod Brown.

Now let’s finish with a big thank you to Kirkwood Barbers for their amazing work in the community!


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