MELBA Coming Soon!

Opening Soon at Stoneridge on Lunn

Posted Monday 13 July

We are excited to announce that MELBA will soon be joining Stoneridge on Lunn! MELBA will offer an array of delicious cabinet food and a seasonal menu to satisfy even the largest of brunch appetites or passing by snackers. Their sumptuous all-day menu and delectable baked goods make for a perfect escape from the office or a relaxing end to a day of shopping.

MELBA is a known local favourite with seven other locations across Auckland, with their first cafe opening in 1995 on Vulcan Lane. With 25 years’ experience, the Melba team have perfected a delicious offering accompanied by their warm hospitality. Follow Stoneridge on Lunn on Facebook and Instagram to be updated on when MELBA will be opening its doors.